About Us

Greater Danbury’s premier Natural and Organic Market!


We’re dedicated to provide our community with the best quality food, supplements, bodycare, and information, all ethically sourced and prepared. We bring integrity and respect for each individual’s health and that of our planet Earth.

7 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Hi there,
    I’m Susan, writing from Eco-Bags Products, located just west of you in Ossining, NY.
    I came across your web site while searching for nearby locations that offer items in bulk.
    We carry a line of reusable, cotton totes, string bags, bulk & produce bags*, and would love to be a provider of these items for your market.
    Let me know if I can answer any questions, or help set you up as a wholesale user of our website, ecobags.com
    Best Regards,
    Susan A
    *we can provide 2-3 samples at no charge if you’re interested


    • Hi Susan we’d love to have a look at your products if you could send us some samples.

      You can send them to Nancy Sherr
      Chamomille Natural Foods
      58-60 Newtown Rd,
      Danbury, CT 06810

      Thank you so much,
      -Mike Dobsevage


  2. Hi there, I want to know if you carry a product called Cooper’s Crumbs, theyre gluten free/ low carb breadcrumbs. My wife loves them and were having a hard time finding them. Have a great day


    • Hi Brittany,
      Consultations on Saturdays are possible, you would just need to schedule beforehand with Barry or Joe, you can reach them by calling the store at 203-792-8952.


      • Thank you! I tried to call and leave a message as I get out of work after you close and I have no ability to call during the workday, but the machine does not take messages. Would Barry have any Saturday availability either November 9 or 16? Would someone be able to email a response as I have limited daytime availability? Thank you and I’m sorry for any trouble!


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