New Products

We are very excited about our new dairy case which is allowing us to expand on both our dairy and dairy alternative offerings!  Here are a few of our new items, from yogurt to pudding and a few more in between!

Just in time for Thanksgiving, we are happy to offer full size delicious pies from Flour Garden!  We have Gluten Free Pecan, Gluten Free Pumpkin, Gluten Free Blueberry, and Gluten Free Cherry pies available.  We also have small tart sizes for these pies, all are also Gluten Free, and Cherry and Blueberry are Dairy Free as well.

We are happy to announce some new products gracing our shelves here at Chamomille, from a new mozzarella made from buffalo milk, to plenty of tasty options in the grab and go case, from soups to pasta, seafood, and potato salads.  We are also excited to offer a new kind of  kombucha to our offerings, Wild Tonic Jun Kombucha, which is brewed with honey and green tea instead of sugar and black tea.

These are some new beverages that we put out on the shelves today and we are offering some great introductory prices on them, with the Rebbl and Vuka drinks at $2.50 each, and the Chameleon Cold-Brew coffees are all 25% off!

Here are some of the new products gracing our shelves, from pickles to chips!  Paqui chips, meaning happiness in the language of the Aztecs are new and on sale, and include in their line some very spicy chips, including Grilled Habanero and Haunted Ghost Pepper!  Smart Juice organic fresh squeezed juices are also on sale, so come on down!

Here’s a look at our new products that came in today!  Curry Love curries and Sir Kensington’s Fabanaise are on sale for the month of November, so come on down!