produce case cropWhen you imagine your ideal produce section in the grocery store of your dreams, what do you see? Fresh, high quality fruits and veggies? A generous variety of items? Affordable prices?  There’s no need to restrict these fantasies to the inside of your head; here at Chamomille Natural Foods we can supply all of your wildest imaginings, and more!

Only organic produce graces our shelves, which means NO pesticides and NO genetic modification. PERIOD! Our produce can be counted on to fulfill this promise. Choosing organic foods over conventional options is an empowering decision we can all make that promotes personal and planetary health. Soil that is nourished and managed with sustainable practices grows strong, healthy plants which produce delicious and nutrient dense fruits and vegetables. Organic farming methods ensure that fruits and vegetables provide the most nutrition for our bodies keeping us strong, healthy and free of harmful chemicals. So, being the health nuts we are we make it our mission to provide our customers with the healthiest and tastiest produce possible.produce display crop

Our weekly promotions on seasonal produce allow us to offer a lower price to our customers for premium quality produce. We believe it’s a basic human right to be healthy. Therefore, we strive to provide the most nutritious (and tastiest!) produce at the most affordable costs to promote our customers’ health and happiness.

As the growing season allows, you can expect to see our produce display to become enlivened with fresh fruits and vegetables from local farms who all practice organic growing methods. Supporting local farmers provides us all with the freshest, most nutritious produce available, and assists in the growth of our community by helping sustain independent farmers and business owners. This summer reduce your footprint by eating local produce; your body will thank you, and so will your community.