• Barry did for me what none of my doctors for decades could do:  heal me!  I’m so thrilled and thankful.  Year after year, I brought the same complaints to my GPs.  Overall tests always came back normal so the docs would tell me I was healthy and fine but I didn’t feel that way.  My symptoms got worse this past year and instead of being poo-poo’ed again, I made an appointment with Barry.  I filled out the extensive questionnaire and within 5 minutes of meeting with him, he knew what the problem was, confirmed by my own body’s response to his Kinesiology testing.  I was both wowed and finally validated.  The day I started his supplement protocol with corresponding diet, I started to feel improvement.  Things I didn’t even know were associated with my condition got better.  I’ve lost weight, my body is functioning properly and for the first time in a long, long time, I feel well!  Thank you, thank you, thank you, Barry! -Doris T., 2018
  • Hi Dan,
    One of the main reasons I shop at Chamomille is because of you. You always help me find any item I am looking for with enthusiasm and a smile. You make shopping at Chamomille easy, quick and enjoyable. You are a hard, caring worker and I appreciate you. – Irene, 2016
  • Dear Barry,
    I have told so many people how you have helped me with what has been a lifelong, chronic and escalating condition. As you can imagine, after many years of doctor visits and tests with no answers or help. I am ever grateful to you for your extensive knowledge as well as for your empathetic manner. I’m pleased to be among those many others I feel sure that you have also helped. – Christine, 2013
  • Dear Barry,
    I have to say I am so impressed with your knowledge and the ease in which you translate it into understandable information. Also whenever I have a question or concern regarding food or a remedy while shopping in your store you are always so readily available and eager to help. The line for your help is often long but I know many agree that it is certainly worth the wait. I just want to take this time to say thank you. You are such a valuable asset to our community. – Lori, 2011
  • Barry,
    How important it is for people to know just what supplements or herbs to take, how important it is to have a professional like you guiding a lay person without any nutritional education! As I have expressed to you on numerous occasions, you have been more interested, concerned and caring about us than some of our own doctors. Thank you for helping them understand nutrition, supplements, etc. – Helen, 2010
  • Dear Barry,
    I want to thank you for the excellent advice and guidance that you gave me in the consultation that I had with you a few months ago. I eliminated two of the supplements that I was taking after you determined that it was my allergic reaction to them that was causing me discomfort. That alone was helpful. I appreciated that I could bring to you all of my supplements including many that are not available in the retail marketplace and that at no point did I feel that you were trying to “sell” me products. – Howard, 2009
  • I met Barry Sherr four years ago through his health food store Chamomilles. Barry has taken the time to listen to my symptoms, medical history and diet. He suggested I was suffering from “Candida”, an over-growth of yeast in the body due to an over use of antibiotics and synthetic hormones. As part of his suggestion, he recommended an eight week regime of a healthy diet, full of high protein and vegetables. He also gave me a list of supplements to take, along with a special herbal tincture. Eight weeks later my pain and symptoms were minimized. My spirits soared and I felt great. Barry is a kind and caring person. He has honesty and integrity I’ve come to rely on. It is a pleasure to know him. – Ida, 2005
  • Dear Barry,
    You explained exactly what was happening to me, why it was happening, what caused it to happen and what I had to do to fix the problem. You gave me hope that I could be healed and I could be normal. My digestion improved immediately. My whole body has changed. I noticed a difference right away! You gave me the tools and the information to keep myself as healthy as I can be. And I know that if I have any questions or problems I can talk to you anytime. Thank you again. My doctor diagnosed the problem but you explained to me how to solve it and how to cure myself. – Emily, 2000
  • Dear Barry,
    My daughter was born 4/24/97, one month early! Thank you so much for all your help and well wishes. The tincture you prepared literally saved her life and kept her from a very premature birth. I am very grateful to you. – Lisa, 1997